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Image of ideas for Tucson web design and Tucson SEOWelcome to Mind My Site where we use expert web solutions to put Tucson web solutions to work Generating Leads, Sales and Loyal Fans through a practical Internet marketing design and expert web solutions. 

It Starts with an Internet Marketing Design

Mind My Site is a Tucson Internet marketing design and development company that helps local business increase revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Our expert web solutions are built upon local research (Tucson SEO), clean and simple web design (Tucson Web Design) and supported by ongoing website management best practices (Tucson Website Management).

It Ends with Results from Expert Web Solutions

For qualifying businesses, we offer our Pay-For-Results model in which we do the expert web solutions work, send you the leads to make the sales, and then get paid when you make money. There aren't any up-front costs.

That's what we call that a real partnership - one in which everyone wins. It's the goal of each Internet marketing design and expert web solutions.

Our expert web solutions for Generating Leads, Sales & Fans are only offered to local businesses which we believe we can help grow and prosper. After all, it's all about the results.

Expert Web Solutions for Tucson Businesses

Ideally, expert web solutions should generate leads, assist in converting them into sales, provide service to customers when they want it and "wow" customers into becoming loyal fans who buy over and over again.

Image of web solutions and website managementTucson SEO

The first step is to understand your customers and your competitors so you can design the process to generate leads and convert them into loyal fans.

Unlike the traditional approach of developing a flashy Tucson web design and then optimizing it for the web, we start with Tucson SEO (Search Engine Optimization for Tucson and the surrounding areas) to understand the customers and competition.

We then design the process for attracting people and converting them into loyal fans. Only then, do we start the Tucson web design work. It all begins with Tucson SEO research.

Tucson Web Design

Unlike many Tucson web design companies, we don't believe in spending time and money on a custom Tucson web design because there are so many free and great looking website templates available on the web.

Our approach is to start with a free or even premium (paid) template and to then personalize it using what was learned from our Tucson SEO work.

Tucson Website Management

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, is quoted as saying "change is the only constant in life."

When it comes to competing and winning on the web, change can become your competitive advantage by staying up-to-date with your customers and competitors. That's why your website management services should support industry standard best practices to maximize functionality, relevance, reliability and security.

Get Started Today with Pay-For-Results

The first step is to complete our initial qualification form. We'll then follow-up within the next business day and set up a phone call or meeting to learn more about each other.

If we both agree, then we'll start our SEO Tucson work, do the Tucson web design work, build the website, launch it and manage it. Leads will be sent to you to make the sale.

So, everyone wins - when you do what you do best -- and -- when we do what we do best.

Other Options

If our Pay-For-Results option is not available to you or you would prefer a more traditional approach, then we have a other options for you. Whether you just need a domain, website, email account or you want a complete turnkey solution, we can help you.


OK, you're feeling bold and want to do it yourself.

Great - we can provide you with everything you need to create and market your website.

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Our Do-It-Yourself solutions start at less than $10 per month.

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Maybe, you're feeling somewhat bold and would like to do some things yourself and get help on other things.

That's just fine. We're glad to help you along. It might even be a great way to start and to learn so that you can eventually do it all yourself.

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and then contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Our Assist-Me Solutions start at only $100 per month.

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Of course, you have better things to do and you just want someone to do it for you.

Great - Just say "Mind My Site" and we'll take care of everything - from the research to the design and to the management of your web solution. We make it simple and easy for you.

Let's get together for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Our Do-It-For-Me Solution starts at only $400 per month.

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Not Sure What To Do

That's OK too. Just contact us for a free consultation and we'll talk about what you want and how we might be able to help you.

To Win, You've Got to Know the Score

If you already have a website and want to know it's SEO score, then just complete the audit form.

Do you want to know the score of your competitor's website?

You can use the same audit tool.

Give it a try and you get some advice on ways to improve your score.

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