About Us

After many years of working in the corporate worlds of National Semiconductor, Microsoft, Intuit and other technology companies, Mr. Timothy Ryan, decided that it would be more fun and rewarding to help local businesses grow and prosper through technology.

Mr. Ryan decided to put his technical, operations and sales & marketing experience to work in the form of a new business, Mind My Site, that helps businesses generate leads, sales and loyal fans.

Recognizing that one of the biggest challenges faced by many local businesses is their ability to pay for marketing activities up-front, that may or may not produce sales. So, he decided on a better business model called Pay-For-Results.

Mind My Site partners with select local businesses and only get paid for results. Mr. Ryan has assembled a team that supports our Leads-to-Fans process. Mind My Site will partner with local businesses that have the potential to grow and prosper. Mr. Ryan believes this is a fair and efficient approach in which everybody wins. After all, it’s all about results.

In addition to our Pay-For-Results model, we also offer more traditional marketing, sales and service solutions.