We believe that our Pay-For-Results website solutions are¬†perfect for local businesses. As the name states, you pay for our results which could include leads, sales and loyal fans. It’s a very simple approach that shifts the risk from the local business to us. In return, we are fairly compensated for those results. It all comes down to risk & reward.

Results Are Everything in Website Solutions

We are using this approach because of all the hype and mystery from “experts” who get paid for their expertise and work – whether or not they produce any results. So, the local business may be paying for something that doesn’t generate a return on investment or even pay for itself.

We believe that the best website solutions are the ones in which everyone wins. Our goal is to become long-time “partners” with our clients by serving their interests, as well as, our own.

Not For Everyone

Our Risk & Reward approach does limit the businesses that our eligible for our Pay-For-Results solution. We may decide that our solution doesn’t make sense for one or both of us. That’s OK and why we offer other solutions.

We also limit ourselves to 1 local business per niche so that all opportunities go to that client. There isn’t any sharing of leads with multiple businesses like so many lead generating companies will do.

Does It Make Sense?

We won’t know until we talk.

Basically, your business must be established and reputable. It must be able to absorb at least $10,000 in new sales and able to pay out 10% to 20% for that increase in sales. It also has to let us do the driving and have the final say on our efforts. Finally, we have to like each other.

Once we have a preliminary discussion, we’ll decide whether or not to take the next step which would be to put together the action plan. Once we both agree on the plan, then we launch, learn and adjust as necessary.

Still Interested?

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