Our Web Solutions

Our goal is to help as many local businesses, as possible, to grow and prosper.

We know that most businesses share the goal of increasing sales and building a large base of loyal customers. We also know that each business has different needs, wants and capabilities. So, our solutions cover the full range from Do-It-Yourself to Do-It-For-Me. In addition, we also provide a Pay-For-Results web solution for a limited number of local businesses.

Web Solutions for Tucson Local Businesses


In this web solution, Mind My Site partners with the local business and manages its web solution. Leads flow from the website to the local business who, in turn, makes the sale. Mind My Site then earns a fee for each lead and or sale.


For those businesses who are ready and willing to setup, configure and manage their own web solution, then this solution is ideal. The business simply creates a hosting account and purchases a domain name. Then it’s a matter of selecting a website template, configuring it and then loading it with content.


Sometimes a business just needs help getting started and wants to eventually manage their own website. This web solution does just that. Mind My Site does the research to help guide the content creating by the business. Mind My Site then sets up the website, configures it with content and then teaches the business the basics on maintaining the website and its content.


Some businesses prefer to do “what they do best” and to let someone else do the rest. Mind My Site will do the research, create the content, configure the website and manage it.